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Students Check In With Trayvon’s Parents

6 Apr

This site is solely about Trayvon Martin’s life and making sure his death is not in vain. It’s not about skittles and iced tea, it’s about Justice and unity. It’s about having a HIGH REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE regardless of your race, creed or color.  It’s about STANDING UP for WHAT IS RIGHT and FORBIDDING WHAT IS WRONG ANYWHERE! It’s about SEEKING JUSTICE to the end and MAKING SURE what happened to Trayvon Martin NEVER happens again to anyone!

Trayvon Martin represent YOU ALL!  “You Are Trayvon Martin” because he could have been anyone of you and this post could be written by your parents.  We realize that God chose Trayvon for this task and  WE ARE HONORED.  We may be saddened by not being able to physically interact with Trayvon anymore,but knowing that he now lives in all of us and all of you makes our grief bittersweet.  His spirit lives on!

We Want EVERY STUDENT to Comment under this post.  Tell us your name-First name only and classification. (High school or College student-Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior,Grad) The Name of your school and What will you do to Fight for Justice!  It can be something as simple as writing a letter to your State representative or Treating people better and making a decision not to judge people by the clothes that they wear or the color of their skin.  If your school, place of worship, organization is doing something as a group (Rally, walk, email campaign) tell us about it. Leave us your email and over time, we will respond to each and every one of you.

We also want to stay involved with your efforts and keep you all involved in ours.  If you want to give more information or private information, email us at  Remember that God is always in control and Nothing happens without his permission.  We do not condone violence and we are not seeking an ‘Eye for an Eye”. We are seeking Justice in a court of law!  We have a very strong faith in God and we want you to embrace that strong faith with us.  Live your life consciously and with a purpose  because tomorrow is not promised to us and each day must count.

NEVER BE AFRAID to Stand up for truth even if you are the minority (in number).   As long as you are seeking Truth and Justice–YOU ARE the Majority…Because God is on your side and will send you help-even if you cannot physically see the help.  God gave Trayvon Martin a clearly defined purpose! It is now all of our job to carry out the mission. “IF YOU STAND FOR SOMETHING…YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING”……….STAND WITH US! STAND FOR TRAYVON!